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Hi, I am Somya! I am a current Master's student at the University of Michigan School of Information where I also received a Bachelors of Science in Information (BSI), with a double concentration in Social Media Analysis and User Interface Analysis; and a double minor in Business Administration and Science, Technology and Society. I am interested in studying how information influences the way that we think.              

 My academic and professional interests include: privacy, UI/UX analysis, digital marketing, social media analysis, information security, filter bubbles and algorithms, data analysis, and technopolitics.      

My other interests include: weightlifting and calisthenics, photography, longboarding, and people watching.

My Latest Projects.

I am grateful to be chasing my passions and immersing myself in things that I love. I have a sustained interest in how information and technology intersect with the lives and development of people. I approach information science with a cultural and humanistic perspective. I have worked on projects such as startups, privacy impact assessments, ux research and analysis, contextual inquiry research, crisis POAs, and many more. Check out some of my recent involvements!


My interests lie at the intersection of privacy, storytelling, and humanism.   

I am intrigued by the concept of storytelling- I like to engage in deeper conversation and learn personal stories. Maturing as a global citizen, I see the world enriched by our unique cultural backgrounds. However, I also see the risk of a cultural divide through algorithms, miscommunications, and inequitable access to information. My goal is to be part of the solution by increasing understanding among people by using the human connection. I live with the perspective: if you're missing one piece of the story, you have a completely different narrative.

Throughout my time at University of Michigan, I have become curious as to how storytelling can further extend to political opinions and world perspectives. As we further transition into the virtual realm, voices appear to be more equal and democratic. However, I have used my perspective to allow me to better understand consequences of filter bubbles, echo chambers, and algorithms.Combining my interests of privacy and storytelling allows me to better understand impacts of algorithms on pre-exisitng interlocking structures of marginalization; as well as again a better understanding of how to utilize technology to be at the forefront of this new era of TECHNOHUMANSIM.

Storytelling and Technopolitics: It's time to pop your filter bubble

Keynote Speaker- Research|Privacy|Storytelling
Feb 14, 2020
Students of Umich Logo

Students of Umich

Personal Project- Founder|Photographer|Storyteller
September 2016- May 2020

At U of M, inspired by Brandon Stanton’s blogging methods in Humans of New York, I brought my love for storytelling and photography to create a blog called Students of Umich. It's a Facebook and Instagram that allows me to follow students' journeys as they chase their passions and become enmeshed in university life. It discussed raw, uncensored and taboo topics including identity, sexual assault, mental health, and religion. I wanted this to be an account where people escape their echo chambers.

Starting this account as a freshman, I solely manage, run, and built the account to over 4,850 followers.



UMich College of Engineering Project- Creator|Photographer|Storyteller
March 2019

Women are still underrepresented in the field of engineering in 2019 but are nonetheless striving and succeeding in breaking the boundaries of science and engineering. They have a diverse set of passions, struggles, failures, accomplishments, and role models that comprises who they are and what they do. With this portrait series, we highlight that diversity through the thoughts, feelings, and stories of just a few of our Michigan Engineering graduate students.

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Somya Bhagwagar

She, her, hers
University of Michigan Alumnus
Analyst, Designer, Creator, Storyteller, Technohumanist

Feel free to look into my social media projects linked at the top of the page. Also, please connect with me on LinkedIn and contact me via email. Let's create!

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Email: bhagwsom@umich.edu